Gem State Property Management manages single-family residences, apartments, multiplexes and condos. We provide quality property management and superior customer service in order to maximize the value of our client’s real estate assets. We employ several advertising techniques to market your property from the local Idaho phone books, print advertising and online advertising. We also speak Spanish to better assist you with your home rental properties.

Gem State Property Management is full-service Idaho property management company. Are you charging high enough rent for your apartments? With local real estate markets affected by many different economic and other factors, how can you be sure? Is rent control an issue? Gem State Property Management can tell you! We conduct periodic market surveys and property evaluations in your area to ensure your Idaho property is competitive with or superior to other comparable buildings, and that your rents are maintained at appropriate market and regulatory levels.

We strive to make your investment as profitable and trouble-free to you as possible. We keep your property rented at a current rental rate to tenants who help maintain your property. We provide firm and courteous enforcement of tenancy rules, as well as reliable and business-like collection of rent. If you are looking for assistance in managing your residential property or real estate investment properties then Gem State Property Management can find you the right renters or long-term tenants to meet your requirements.

By choosing Gem State Property Management service you will be getting a qualified and professional Idaho Property Management company at one of the lowest rates in town. Our professional property management staff that will allow you the freedom you are looking for delivers our comprehensive property management service.

We offer full property management services allowing you to be in control of your time. Our services include advertising at the owner’s expense, preparing the property for occupancy, showing the property to prospective tenants, screening applicants, completing the contracts, providing 24/7 emergency response, coordinating maintenance with vendors, and providing the owner with monthly and annual accounting statements.

When you hire a professional property manager you eliminate the headaches. We are committed to maximizing the benefits of your property; thus freeing you from management problems while providing the most professional real estate services. We are dedicated to keeping your investment in good repair with minimal cost; leasing it at fair market rates while carefully screening and selecting residents.

We can help you find the right renters or long-term tenants to meet your needs. As your property manager we work closely with the client to help them capitalize on their Idaho real estate investment properties while making it trouble-free endeavor.
We will take care of the following resources for your rental properties:

• Credit check       • Background check       • Legal Services       • Collection Services

If necessary we also have legal resources to assist in any litigation that may occur.

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